Mobile hospital of EMERCOM of Russia has been settled close to Mezhdurechie in order to provide medical service to the workers of large construction entity where few cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed.
Governor Andrey Chibis has inspected the mobile hospital today, including temporary accommodation unit and disinfection and sterilization unit. The hospital is equipped with 10 ventilators, ultrasound scan, computed tomography scan, X-ray and consists of intensive treatment unit, surgery unit and diagnostic unit.
“Taking into account the number of people working at Belokamenka it is crucial for us to havein close proximity to it an up to date mobile hospital. It is supplied with the necessary equipment needed to promptly diagnose and divide patients in accordance with their conditions. This in turn helps to offload the regional healthcare centers which stand ready to handle the infected with COVID-19. The hospital enables us to significantly reduce the pressure on our healthcare system,” noted Andrey Chibis.
Posted by: 15 April 2020