Governor Andrey Chibis inspected the construction works of school in Severomorsk. The construction is a part of the “Education” national project.
The construction of school for 1200 students has been launched in 2019. The contractor has fallen slightly behind the schedule and now speeds up the works. For that purpose the number of workers has been increased and double-shift system has been introduced.
The head of the region noted that the constructions made visible progress as compared to the previous inspection. The governor also highlighted that restrictive measures taken in order to prevent the coronavirus spread should by no means have any effect on the quality of works and the final deadline when construction shall be completed.
“The pandemic shall have no effect on the national projects implementation as well as on the “To live in the North” regional plan. There are some difficulties concerning construction materials, logistics and shortage of workers but all the necessary measures are taken to meet the construction deadline. The progress since the last inspection is encouraging”, noted Andrey Chibis.
Posted by: 21 April 2020