The Government of the Murmansk region has outlined and approved a set of measures designed to ease the lockdown regime in the region.
Self-isolation regime is to be withdrawn starting May 12. It means that residents no longer need specific passes to go outside. This measure applies to everyone except for people aged over 65 years as well as people with chronic diseases.
At the same time while outside people are obliged to wear face masks in public places, shops, pharmacies, on public transport and taxi.
Obligatory testing for COVID-19 is introduced for cashiers, conductors and drivers at the public transport, volunteers as well as ship crew on their way back to the ports of Murmansk and Kandalaksha.
Outdoor stadiums and other outdoor sport facilities are to reopen.
Regular disinfection procedures for housing and public places are to stay in force.
Bars, cafes, restaurants, gyms are to remain closed until further notice.

Posted by: 11 May 2020