On May 9, 2020, the day of the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, Governor of the Murmansk region Andrey Chibis took part in the flowers and wreath laying ceremonies at the monuments to Anatoly Bredov and to the defenders of Kola North.
This May the celebration of the Victory day is taking place without parade and mass rally due to the coronavirus situation. All mass celebrations are to be postponed till September 2020. Currently most of the commemoration events are being organized online.
“On this important day it is crucial to follow the restrictive rules but it cannot stop us from remembering and commemorating the memory of heroes who defended our land. Today the celebrations are being held online but we will absolutely celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory at full scale in the upcoming fall. I convey my best and most sincere regards to all the northerners on the occasion of the Victory day and express my utmost gratitude to the veterans,” noted Governor Andrey Chibis.  
Posted by: 09 May 2020