Severomorsk, the base of the Northern Fleet, hosted celebrations dedicated to the Day of the Russian Navy on July 26.
The head of the region Andrey Chibis addressed the mariners, guests and residents of the naval capital with a congratulatory speech. He noted the immense importance of the Navy Day for the Murmansk region.
“We are proud of the mariners serving to defend their homeland, those who build and maintain military equipment. We are grateful to the families of the servicemen who are waiting for them to return home”, said Andrey Chibis. “With you we are sure that Russia is safe!”
The celebrations on Primorskaya Square in Severomorsk were opened by a land parade. Parade crews of the Severomorsk garrison marched before the command of the fleet, the leadership of the region and the city, guests of honor, veterans of the Armed Forces and the Navy.
The culmination of the celebrations was a naval parade with the participation of surface ships and submarines of the Northern Fleet. Ships and support vessels demonstrated the combat capabilities of the fleet, including the elements of mine countermeasures for the deployment of the strike forces of the fleet by the method of escorting behind trawls, submerging and surfacing of nuclear and diesel submarines; search for a submarine using a lowered hydroacoustic station; fire training for the amphibious assault and the battle for the amphibious assault on the coast with the support of aviation.
Online broadcasting of the celebrations was organized at several sites at once. The video is available on YouTube.
Posted by: 26 July 2020