The project "Gastronomic map of Russia" will present the Arctic cuisine and a team of chefs from the Murmansk region at the 1st International Arctic Media Congress of the Rostourism as part of the Accessible Arctic international tourism forum on September 20-22.

It is planned to create a regional calendar of gastronomic festivals, including thematic ones (festivals of local products), with further integration of all gastro events of the regions participating in the "Gastronomic map of Russia" into a unified all-Russian calendar.

The project is aimed to promote the regional cuisine, as well as identifying promising regional products with the greatest export potential. In August of this year 7 restaurants and cafes of the Murmansk region were the first which receive certificates of compliance "Gastronomic map of Russia" at the presentation in Teriberka. Stickers "Gastronomic map of Russia. Certified 2020" and QR codes of the menu are placed on the doors of certified restaurants.

Posted by: 20 September 2020