Nord Star company an initiator of the project "Vitino: seaport and oil depot" officially became the first resident of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation by signing an agreement with the JSC Far East development Corporation within the framework of the forum "Arctic investor Day".

The second investor, who has been approved for obtaining the status of a resident of the Russian Arctic with the port of Liinahamari project will sign the agreement within a few days. The volume of investment in the two projects will amount to about 15 billion rubles. The document provides not only for obtaining preferences, but also for the company's obligations.

Olga Kuznetsova also noted that the process of obtaining the status of a resident of the Russian Arctic is very clear and simple. Preferences can be obtained by both large businesses and individual entrepreneurs. Main criteria: registration on the territory of the region in the municipality where the investor is going to operate and implement a new investment project (or a new type of activity) with an investment more than 1 million rubles, no arrears in taxes and fees.

Posted by: 17 September 2020