The unique museum «Victory Train» will come to Murmansk again. In May 2021 all residents of the Murmansk region will be able to visit the world's only immersive exhibition located in the rolling stock of the train.

The military train museum arrived at the Murmansk railway station on October 29. The entrance to the Museum is open only for organized groups due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Each of the eight cars presents various episodes of those years – the lives of people in the peaceful pre-war period, one of the most tragic pages of history – the blockade of Leningrad, the work of doctors in the hospitals and the homecoming of heroes. Multimedia helps to make the exhibition more realistic. The exhibition uses 50 video projectors, 18 video walls and 12 interactive tables.

The mobile museum route is divided into two parts. The first part of the route will pass along the front line through Pskov, St. Petersburg, Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, Smolensk, Tula, Kursk, Vladikavkaz, Kerch, Feodosia, Sevastopol and Novorossiysk. The final point of the trip - hero city of Volgograd. In December the train will travel to the Far East via the Trans-Siberian Railway.
Posted by: 30 October 2020