Up to 10 tons of cooked and frozen products per day can be produced by LLC Alliance fish – the first enterprise for processing crab in Murmansk. Today, the workshop was visited by the Governor of the Murmansk region Andrey Chibis.

This company works in connection with the Far Eastern group of companies Antey, which is engaged in the extraction of crab in the Northern Basin among other activities. Live crabs are delivered to the shore by crab-catching vessels, then placed in special containers with sea water, and then get processed into cooked and frozen semi-finished products and frozen semi-finished products. Thus, Antey and its partners were the first to establish full-cycle crab production in the Murmansk region.

The owners emphasize that the workshop in Murmansk is only a pilot project. Its main task is to develop production technologies and train specialists. In the future it is planned to create a large modern production facility in the Arctic region with an investment about three billion rubles. The estimated capacity of the plant is processing up to 50 tons per day. At the same time production will be almost waste-free. According to Ivan Mikhnov, President of the Antey group, the project will be implemented within two-three years. The main part of the production will be exported.
Posted by: 03 November 2020