The Ministry of Arctic Development and Economy is to be launched in the Murmansk region as Governor Andrey Chibis briefed at the regular Government meeting.
The key goal of the upcoming Ministry is to confirm the leading position of the Murmansk region as well as to stimulate the investment growth and the rise of the number of investors in terms of territory of advanced social and economic development “Capital of the Arctic”.
In order to create a new authority the Ministry of Economic Development of the Murmansk region is to be merged with the Ministry of Investment, Entrepreneurship and Fishery of the Murmansk region. New Ministry is to be headed by Tatiana Russkova.
Fishery issues are to be assigned to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Murmansk region.
Newly created Committee on Youth Affairs is to be dealing with the regional youth policy issues.
Posted by: 11 January 2021