Сonditions for tourists who do not have registration in the Murmansk region depend on the territory in which the guests want to spend their time.

One needs to issue a pass at the Multifunctional Center to enter Kirovsk and Apatity. It will be issued to those who travel for work needs or who have made a reservation for hotel or hostel before December 14, 2020. You should provide a document that confirms the negative COVID-19 test upon check-in.

Entrance to Polyarnye Zori, Kandalaksha, Terskiy and Lovozerskiy district, Teriberka is without restrictions for those who made a reservation before December 14, 2020 and have a document confirming a negative COVID-19 test.

There are no travel restrictions for travelling to Murmansk and the rest of the region's municipalities. A negative COVID-19 test document is not required for hotels and hostels.

Residents of the Murmansk region who have registration in the region can visit any municipalities without a pass and a document confirming a negative COVID-19 test result. It is important to have your passport with you in case of control.
Posted by: 02 January 2021