The number of vaccination centers where northerners can be vaccinated against COVID-19 keep growing in the region. To date there are already 21 such offices. Governor Andrey Chibis visited some of them and inspected how the mass vaccination of northerners is going on.

The head of the region stressed that the number of vaccination offices will be increased. More than 10 thousand doses of the vaccine have already been received in the Murmansk region. Currently, about 4.5 thousand northerners have been vaccinated, and more than a thousand have already been registered for vaccination.

"Our task is to reduce the waiting period in vaccination centers and increase their capacity. Today, our region ranks 2nd in the country in terms of the organization of vaccination process taking into account the population of our region. It is important that this work continues to be clearly carried out," the governor said.
Posted by: 27 January 2021