Today Murmansk keeps hosting the shooting of the “Ivan” series. This was an episode where the protagonist comes to the reception of the governor of the northern territory. Andrey Chibis accepted the offer of director Vladimir Shchegolkov to appear in the episode as the head of the region.

“Even during the pandemic the film companies did not stop shooting in the Murmansk region. This shows that our Arctic region attracts more and more attention not only from investors, tourists, politicians, but also from artists. We are to keep supporting this trend! And we do understand that it is not enough to support film companies only with the financial assistance. We are ready to help realize the most ambitious and creative ideas. That is why I agreed to appear in the “Ivan” series. It is half an hour of time for me and for the leading studios it is a signal that the Murmansk region stands ready for big movies».

The shooting of the episode took place in the office of the governor of the Murmansk region in the building of the regional government on Lenin St., 75. In the scene the head of the region finds out by phone the state of health of one of the main characters of the series, who, according to the plot, was hospitalized after his feat.

In 2020 LLC Studio “Chekhov” with the project of the "Ivan" series became the winner of the second competition of rebates subsidies from the regional budget to cover part of the costs incurred for the production of films in the region. Rebates are provided on a competitive basis and the final decision is made by the regional Film Commission – a collegial advisory body established in the Murmansk Region in 2020 to coordinate large-scale work to support and develop film production.
Posted by: 01 February 2021