The Regional Center of the Presidential Library of the Murmansk Regional Scientific Library hosts a thematic exhibition “No statute of limitations”. Governor Andrey Chibis paid a visit to the exhibition.

The exhibition presents digitized archival documents on the atrocities of the Nazis and their accomplices on the occupied territories and the tragedy of civilians during the Great Patriotic War. The federal project “No statute of limitations” is initialized by the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The exhibition was opened on February 8 for a reason – on this day 75 years ago Roman Rudenko, the Chief Prosecutor from the USSR, delivered his speech at the Nuremberg trials. Then the full scale of the atrocities of Nazi criminals in the occupied territory of the USSR was publicly revealed for the first time. The world first learned about the extent of Nazi crimes against civilians on Soviet territory from this speech.

The idea of the project appeared in 2018. It was initiated by members of search teams in preparation for the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. 47 archival institutions, 370 employees, 66 historians were involved in the work, and as a result 23 volumes of materials were published, more than six thousand unique archival documents were unsealed and published. The project was recognized as the best scientific project of the year of Memory and glory and was awarded the national prize «Victory».

Official website of the project: безсрокадавности.рф.
Posted by: 09 February 2021