A group of drillers and geologists arrived in the area of the Fedorova Tundra platinoid deposit to drill wells with sampling and conduct additional geological studies to update the data on reserves as part of the feasibility study of permanent exploration conditions.

The project operator JSC Fedorovo Resources planned to drill more than 100 core wells, collect and analyze about 20 thousand core samples, as well as to conduct a number of additional researches.

In parallel an additional assessment of the background state of the natural environment will be carried out in the field area. The obtained data will provide objective information about the ecological state of the natural environment and ecosystems before the start of the subsoil user's activities at the license area and will also become a starting point for the introduction of best environmental practices and technologies during the implementation of the Fedorova Tundra project.

The field phase of additional exploration and environmental background assessment are scheduled to be completed in the 4th quarter of 2021. It involves highly qualified specialists from Apatity and Monchegorsk.

In the near future JSC Fedorovo Resources plans to send an official notification to the state and local authorities on the start of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) procedure and start a detailed analysis of the environmental, ethnographic and social aspects of the project. The contractor is a consortium of two major international companies – Fluor Corp and Golder Associates.

At all stages of the Fedorova Tundra project implementation the company JSC Fedorovo Resources operates in strict accordance with Russian legislation and focuses on the best international practices and standards in the field of responsible environmental management and public relations.
Posted by: 09 April 2021