The law, according to which the Far Eastern Hectare program will be extended to the Arctic, was approved yesterday at a meeting of the upper house of Parliament.

The document expands the boundaries of the territories within which citizens will be able to take land plots under a simplified procedure and in a shorter time. The plot will be provided for a period of 5 years for free use, including for individual construction, and then it can be purchased as a property or on the right of long-term lease subject to the land development. Such measures will make it possible to more actively involve unused lands in the Arctic zone in economic turnover.

Residents of the Murmansk region will be able to apply for a hectare in a simplified manner from August 1. Residents of other Russian regions will be able to take advantage of the new opportunities of the Far Eastern Hectare program starting next year.

Senator Konstantin Dolgov noted that at the final meeting of the spring session, the Federation Council adopted a whole series of important laws for the Murmansk region. It is about laws that provide for simplifying the access of small and medium-sized entrepreneurship to business activities in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation; permission for coastal residents to produce ice-cooled fish products directly on a ship’s board and etc.

Posted by: 24 June 2021