The grand opening of the 6th Teriberka Arctic Festival, a unique event included in the cultural program of Russia's chairmanship of the Arctic Council in 2021–2023, took place. The Governor of the Murmansk Region Andrey Chibis greeted the guests and participants from the main stage of the festival.

“I greet all active and strong people at this festival. This is no longer just a culinary festival - it is a landmark event within the framework of the Arctic Council. The Murmansk region is becoming known throughout the world as a region of development opportunities. I congratulate you on this!” - said the head of the region.

Andrey Chibis got acquainted with the work of the main festival areas - active recreation and entertainment zones, a food court "Taste of the Arctic", a souvenir fair and a venue for creative master classes - and visited one of the key venues of the event - the design and training laboratory "School of Arctic Cuisine". For two days, presentations of dishes for all segments of the tourist infrastructure and culinary master classes will be organized here, and leading chefs working in the Arctic will take part in the work of its modules, including those who represented Arctic cuisine at the Gastronomy art school festival "Tavrida".

Andrey Chibis highly appreciated the work of the chefs.

“Thank you so much for promoting Arctic cuisine. It is important that our residents are increasingly eating dishes made from local products. I wish you prosperity, may creativity bring income. We will bring people here for you, including with the help of propaganda, the organization of flights and other things. The main thing is not to let us down. Let people leave you satisfied and constantly return to your establishments, and the guests of the region - to the Murmansk region,” Andrey Chibis addressed the participants of the laboratory.

The head of the region also expressed his readiness to support the idea of lunch boxes for the northern lights hunters Ekaterina Mun from Kirovsk. This lunch box includes dishes made from local products: spicy tea with lingonberry puree, a set of rye pies with lingonberries with sour cream. Andrey Chibis assured that the regional government will provide active support in promoting the project.

As part of the laboratory's work, the Governor was also presented with a dish that will add to school menus in the region in the next academic season - venison goulash.

Posted by: 21 August 2021