On August 22, the second day of the VI International Arctic Festival "Teriberka" is taking place in the Murmansk region. On the first day, more than three thousand people visited it.

Today, on the shores of the Barents Sea, there are active recreations and entertainment zones, the food court "Taste of the Arctic" is represented by 18 catering establishments, there are souvenir fairs and venues for creative master classes.

The project and educational laboratory “School of Arctic cuisine” is also continuing its work. Presentations of dishes for all segments of the tourist infrastructure and culinary master classes are organized here, and leading chefs working in the Arctic, including those who represented Arctic cuisine at the Gastronomy art school of the Tavrida All-Russian festival, take part in the work of its modules.

Films from the collection of the “Northern Character” Film Festival are shown at the “Kinomaraphon” area.

For lovers of sports and adventures an active recreation area is open, visitors to which can go paddle boarding, diving and kayaking, ride a boat or fly a helicopter, take part in small sports relay races.

Festival guests can send exclusive postcards from the village, created according to the sketches of Murmansk illustrator Nika Markova.

The music scene continues to work. For the guests of "Teriberka" at 13:00 the group "Nereida" will perform, at 15:00 - the star of the national rock scene, singer Mara, whose performance will conclude the festival.

The official closing of the event is scheduled for 14.00.

The event became possible due to the improvement of the epidemiological situation in the region and the removal from August 12 of a number of restrictions previously introduced due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus infection.

The VI International Arctic Festival "Teriberka" opened in an old Pomor village on the Murmansk coast on August 21. This is the second event within the framework of the program of the Russian Federation's Chairmanship of the Arctic Council in 2021-2023. The Chairmanship is operated by the Roscongress Foundation.

The festival is organized with the participation of ANO "Murmanskongress" and the Committee on Tourism of the Murmansk region.

A detailed program is available on the website and on the festival's social networks.

Posted by: 22 August 2021