On December 30, Governor of the Murmansk Region, Andrey Chibis summed up the results of the year and thanked employees of regional budgetary institutions for their conscientious work. The event took place in the large hall of the Murmansk Regional Drama Theater.

Addressing his colleagues, the head of the region stressed that in 2021 the coronavirus pandemic was no longer a decisive factor affecting the processes in the region. At the same time, the foundation laid in 2020 has yielded a whole set of results this year. The region has become a leader in attracting investment, in terms of the growth in the number of residents of special economic zones and the creation of new jobs. The Murmansk region is one of the best in the country for the implementation of the Safe High-Quality Roads national project. Great strides have been made in digitalization. The transformation of cities and towns of the region continues, including with the help of the mechanisms of the closed city renovation program.

“The dynamics that we have gained in the past year is a powerful locomotive that has already accelerated. I thank our entire large team for this, all employees of ministries and departments without exception. Behind each of your actions are real changes in the quality of life of people living in the North in very difficult conditions. I ask you to always take into account that it depends on you and me, on each specialist, for example, whether children go to a modern school or a new kindergarten. This builds the life of every person, his faith in the future, the desire to live in the North or leave here. I wish you never get stale. I know that the overwhelming majority of our workers are people who work with full dedication. I am convinced that in 2022 all our plans will come true. Thank you!” - said the governor.

About 70 people were awarded with the Governor's Certificates of Merit and Acknowledgments. Among them, including - employees of regional institutions: veterinarians, social workers, staff of the magistrates' courts and administrations of sports schools, technical and service personnel.

Posted by: 30 December 2021