More than three hours of frank dialogue and detailed answers to 42 questions - these are the results of the final press conference of the government of the Murmansk region, held on December 28 within the framework of the annual regional media forum.

This time the press conference was held in person. The head of the region Andrey Chibis and his deputies in charge of specialized areas answered the questions of journalists.

Opening the conversation, Andrey Chibis noted that the volume of investments in the Murmansk region had grown by almost 20% and budget revenues had increased by 41% (or 29 billion rubles). According to the governor, the additional income will be primarily directed to the renewal of medical equipment in medical institutions.

Among the most important achievements in 2021, the Governor named the start of the closed city renovation program, the positive decision on the implementation of the New Murmansk project, the development of the urban environment with an emphasis on the needs of young people, the rapid growth in the number of residents of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation and the Advanced Development Area “Capital of the Arctic”. Andrey Chibis paid special attention to digitalization.

“In addition to the creation of the Regional Management Center, we have made serious progress in digitalization in general. The Murmansk region is among the leaders in digitalization, in second place in the country in terms of the number of services provided on a single state portal. This allowed us, among other things, to conduct electronic voting at the elections this year,” the governor said. “Digitalization allows to systematically ensure the fulfillment of their duties by those who are responsible for various spheres,” the governor explained.

A whole block of questions posed to the head of the region concerned housing construction and high housing prices in the Murmansk region. Andrey Chibis noted that a powerful impetus is needed for the development of the construction industry, since the cost of construction in the Arctic at the moment exceeds the market value of living space. The results of the projects implemented by the regional authorities can stimulate the interest of private developers.

The Governor commented on the future fate of the North Sea dairy plant "Latona".

“The deal on the acquisition of the enterprise by the Murmansk region has been completed, it will live, work and develop. There are no talks about changing the state and cutting salaries. Our tasks are to preserve and develop the enterprise,” noted Andrey Chibis.

The head of the region also clarified the situation with the Murmansk Oceanarium.

“The new requirements, which will come into force in 2022, do not allow the oceanarium to function in the form in which it exists. First of all, this concerns the conditions of keeping animals. The pets will stay there, while the owner and I will discuss the reconstruction. So that after it the oceanarium will open and once again please its guests,” the governor said.

Another pressing issue is the upcoming increase in the transport tax. Andrey Chibis emphasized that the tax rate in the region has not been raised for 10 years, and the increase itself will mainly affect heavy transport.

“I have no right or desire to close my eyes to problems, no matter if it is a regional center or a small village. It also has a stimulating effect. Therefore, I cannot say that all questions are closed on me. This is a normal work, and it is important for managers of all levels not to stale and not hide from people,” the head of the region emphasized.

Concluding the press conference, Andrey Chibis noted that the plans of the regional team for the coming year are ambitious, but they can and should be implemented.

“We are not afraid of pain and we perfectly understand that nothing happens by itself. Everything requires constant scrupulous attention. The most difficult thing is the implementation of large projects, this is housing construction, this is the "New Murmansk" project. The main thing for us in the coming year is to put all these projects together, to make them work. The most difficult year was 2020, and the main part of our team was tested in difficult conditions in 2020. We can do it because we are sincere in what we do. I would like to thank my colleagues for their sincere dedication and faith in the tasks that we set ourselves,” the governor summed up.

Posted by: 28 December 2021